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Welcome to Cancer: Natural Cures using foods to prevent and heal cancer.

My name is Dr. Judy Seeger, and I’m a traditional naturopath with over 33 years of experience. Over these years, I’ve worked with thousands of people and ran two health clinics to find the very best natural cancer cures.

I’ve learned that the best natural cancer cures are those that are centered around food. I learned which which foods to give when people were sick with chemotherapy or too weak to hardly eat. I learned which foods were the highest immune building foods. I learned which foods could prevent cancer from coming back.

Now I’d like to share my years of knowledge with you free of charge.

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  • A step by step meal plan that guides you to the best cancer foods
  • How to find the best foods for different types of cancer
  • Tips for using cancer foods that increases your immune system
  • The importance of eating the right foods during chemotherapy that keeps you strong
  • Which foods build your immune system the fastest after you’re done with treatment
  • Where to find the best cancer fighting foods
  • How to prevent cancer with the right foods
  • How to keep cancer from coming back using these foods
  • A cancer food list that gives a quick guide when you’re shopping
  • Essential foods for cancer that keep you strong no matter what therapy you use
  • Much, much more!

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Dr. Judy Seeger, ND